Focusing on your core business and outsourcing your IT operations have many benefits. By allowing IT Gården to dedicate a team of IT-specialists, integrate your data and information into our 8 own data centers and gain access to a local support around the clock, you can safely focus on your core business. You will reduce costs, gain access to proactive IT-specialists and state-of-the-art technology to support your growth. We offer complete support of your IT environment, or we can act to supplement your own IT in areas of need. Below is a small selection of what we offer.


Dedicated Services

With our dedicated services, you gain flexibility in hardware. The equipment is only accessible by your company. Since all equipment is owned and maintained by IT Gården, no investment is required by you. You pay only for use of the service - which creates cost flexibility and minimize investments.

Cloud Services

IT Gården offers the very latest technology in Cloud Computing. As a Microsoft Cloud OS Network Partner, IT Gården offers Microsoft Azure's range including operation of Azure Stack (when launched). We monitor and manage your IT environment. Regardless if the servers are located in our Swedish data centers or in one of Microsoft's 20 computer halls around the world.

Swedish Local Support

IT Gården’s support is our pride. We aim to provide Sweden's best support and helpdesk. Professional IT-specialists with broad technical skills. Available for you every day, around the clock all year round. Moreover, IT Gården provides nationwide onsite support 24/7. So feel safe, we are always on hand.


IT Gården has some of the most environmentally friendly and safest data centers. You can safely place your equipment in our redundant halls and know that they are taken care of. In our 8 modern data centers, we guarantee that no unauthorized users have access.


IT Gården offers monitoring of your servers and IT-environment and swiftly handles alerts and incidents. The Monitoring Service is managed by IT Gården’s technical support, which is responsible for actions and reporting. You can feel confident that we ensure Stressfree IT for you, all year round.


With IT Gården's WiFi you get everything you need for a secure and flexible wireless network. You can choose WiFi as a service or product. As a service, you get a scalable and flexible WiFi that also includes operation and maintenance, with no investment required. We always offer a radio measurement for a more stable wireless connection.

Microsoft Cloud OS Network

As part of the Microsoft Cloud OS Network IT Gården provide our customers the benefits of the public cloud as your local service provider.

IT Gården as a Microsoft Authorized QMTH Partner