We contribute to long-term economic and environmentally sustainable society.

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Save large operating costs and gain access to Sweden's leading support organization.

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Right now we have an offer on Office 365, from 31.50 kr per month / employee.

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Continue your work, even when you switch between your favorite devices

Office moves with you and keeps track of what you work with, so you can work smoothly on all your devices.

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Environmental Policy

IT Gården has always been a company that invests in our environment and the protection of our natural resources. Our data centers are cooled with groundwater and we invest in solar energy.


Quality Work

We work in an industry where attention to detail is key to success. Hence, we aim for the highest quality in everything we do. Everything from our state-of-the-art data centers to quick feedback from our support department.


What our customers say about us


IT Gården is a fun workplace that has received many nominations over the years. We are expanding and are looking for co-workers at several locations in the country


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